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Melbourne's Premium Dog Training & Behaviour Modification Specialist

"No Dog is too young or too old to learn good behaviour"

 Why Puppy School did not work for your dog
 Separation Anxiety  Why dogs suffer unnecessarily
 Dog Aggression  Can't control your dog ?     
 What you should know about Dog Bite incidents and young children   



If you are confused imagine how confused your puppy or dog must be !


In Home personalised and tailored Puppy training & dog training that works ! 

  In the majority of cases 1 session is all that is needed
We teach owners how to successfully train and manage their companion dogs
We teach owners how to raise, condition and socialise puppies correctly
Specialist in preventing and rectifying behavioural problems in dogs of all ages
The whole family, including children can be involved in the dog training process
AUSDOG The Dog Trainer comes to You!  ALL Melbourne metropolitan suburbs 

AUSDOG is a Professional dog training company that specialises in teaching owners and training companion dogs to be well mannered family companions.  John Harkin Training Director and Master Trainer has over 30 years full time local and international training experience.     AUSDOG is not a Franchise.  

John achieves results in a fraction of the time that most think it takes to teach a puppy or an older dog with behavioural issues to behave in the manner that makes a pet dog an asset not a liability. If your dog's behaviour is a problem, don't rehome.  John will show you how simple it is when you receive the right advice. Incorrect advice from well meaning amateurs is the major cause of dog behavioural problems. Dogs want to please their owners, most are totally confused and have no idea as to what their owners want. He will  teach you how to correctly communicate with your dog in a manner that he or she understands. If you have a puppy, an adolescent or adult dog or rehomed dog John can help you. Quality Training, Proven Results, Long Term Benefits. 



Is your Dog a Liability Ausdog will train your dog to be an Asset

AUSDOG can show you how to ensure your cute little puppy does not turn into an uncontrollable little Devil, or if your dog has already become a badly behaved dog we can rectify the problems Rarely more than one or two lessons required for most problems

 Undesirable Dog Behaviour Pulling on Lead  Ausdog Trained

Pulling on leash is not good for your dog's health and not good for your back and shoulder either and it also indicates to others that you have no control of your dog.  AUSDOG will have your dog walking on a loose lead in a matter of minutes

 Undesirable Dog Behaviour Jumping Up  Ausdog Trained

Jumping on people is a simple problem to rectify and a problem that 90% of dogs that we attend have. It can and should be rectified as few people like a dirty dog jumping on them. Also many children are injured by unruly dogs jumping up, and the elderly are also at risk.

 Undesirable Dog Behaviour Dog Aggression  Ausdog Trained

Dog aggressive dogs are a nuisance to all and potentially very dangerous. Walking your dog should be a pleasure not a chore. We can teach your dog to ignore other dogs on your walk and teach you how to correctly handle and manage your dog.

Undesirable Dog Behaviour Toilet Problems Ausdog Trained

Soiling in the house is a problem that can occur for many reasons. AUSDOG can teach you how to manage this problem and teach your dog to soil outside of your home.

 Undesirable Behaviour Destructive Chewing  AUSDOG Trained

Destructive behaviour can be avoided with correct puppy training. Unfortunately for many, they have received the incorrect advice to start with that encourages this undesirable behaviour. In most cases this behaviour can be rectified in one session with AUSDOG.  Prevention is better than cure, if you do have a puppy receive the right advice from AUSDOG. 

Undesirable Dog Behaviour Begging for Food Ausdog Trained

Begging for food should not be tolerated. Dogs should receive their food in their bowl at mealtime. Bad Feeding habits result in unhealthy dogs and badly behaved dogs. AUSDOG can teach you how to feed your dog in the correct manner.

Undesirable Dog Behaviour Jumping on Furniture Ausdog Trained

Jumping on furniture. Dogs do not understand clean-dirty, old-new. It is best to teach your dog not to jump on furniture. If you do want your dog on furniture it can lead to other problems AUSDOG can correctly advise you and teach your dog what is acceptable behaviour.

Undesirable Dog Behaviour Food Aggression Ausdog Trained

Food aggression should not be tolerated at any time by any dog. This does not mean that you should be able to take food ouf of a dog's mouth, it means dogs should not be possessive or protective of their food. Food agro dogs are very dangerous especially around children. This problem can and should be rectified. AUSDOG can show you how.

Undesirable Dog Behaviour Running on to road Ausdog Trained

Dogs should be on leash in public places and footpaths, however, regardless of how careful you are accidents happen. Your dog should be and can be taught not to go on the road without a command to do so. With the assistance of AUSDOG this can be quickly achieved.

Undesirable Dog Behaviour Barking Unnecessarily Ausdog Trained

Dogs bark as we speak, a certain amount of barking for the right reason is a plus, your dog should be taught what is and what is not acceptable barking. Consider your neighbours. AUSDOG can teach you how to control barking problems.

Undesirable Dog Behaviour Scratching and Pounding Door Ausdog Trained

Why put up with jumping and scratching on doors from your dog. Would you tolerate this kind of behaviour from a child? This problem can and shoud be rectified. AUSDOG can show you how to manage and teach your dog not to behave in this manner.

Undesirable Dog Behaviour Destructive Digging Ausdog Trained

Dogs dig holes for a multitude of reasons, not as many may think, because they are bored. So called boredom is said to be the cause of most behavioural problems - this is totally incorrect. Boredom is a human problem not a dog problem. We investigate the reason why your dog is digging an teach you how to recitfy the problem.

Undesirable Dog Behaviour at The Vet Ausdog Trained

Vets, Vet Nurses Groomers should not have to risk being bitten by uncontrollable dogs that have not been conditioned to be handled. All dogs should be taught to stand for examination. It is not difficult and makes life easy for all concerned.

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